Welcome to the Chimacum Cannabis Company!



The story of cannabis is rooted in the land and our philosophy is a simple one.  In a cannabis agricultural market that is quickly industrializing under large corporate conglomerates, we instead turn our focus to community-based and farmer-owned cannabis producers committed to organic growing practices that are regenerative, sustainable, and free of any pesticides.  Cannabis consumers in Washington are often misled as they don't realize there is no legal requirement for growers to disclose their pesticide usage on packaging.  Here you will find a diverse selection of craft-scale local farmers, family-run indoor microgrows, and award-winning sungrown from some of the most skilled living-soil cultivators from pristine environs throughout our state.  High quality and clean cannabis concentrates are also close to our heart, whether carefully crafted through old world traditional solventless methods or using modern techniques.  We also actively avoid selling cannabis concentrates with residual solvents at an independent quality standard that far exceeds current ineffectual regulations.  Medical patient consultation and registration services are available from Monday through Thursday from 8am to 12pm.  It is for these reasons and others that High Times Magazine has recognized us as one of the best cannabis dispensaries in Washington.  We welcome you and encourage you to take your time and look around.