Strain Review: Sour Diesel by Sustainnabis

Posted on Feb 18, 2018

Just after popping the jar open the scent hits you with the aroma of sour cream backed by fuel notes with just a hint of cheese. The dry hit tastes like a dairy truck crashed into a diesel tanker at your local fueling station and this full flavor comes through in the smoke as well.


The high is…

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Strain Review: Candyland Cookies by Treehawk Farms

Posted on Feb 01, 2018

Breaking into the bag, the aroma is one of cotton candy and wet rocks, playing into notes of grass pollen with a hint of hops. The dry hit introduced the flavor of hard candies and mild skunk. The smoke itself came through with layers of a sugary sweetness that finished with flavors of fuel, and on the exhale she tastes like a fine mineral water. The high was one of cognitive depth, with decent…

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Strain of the Week: Diamond OG from Burnwell

Posted on Jan 18, 2018

This limited edition flower from Burnwell opens right up with the limonene content. One might even be tempted to say that she packs more limonene than a lemon rind. Upon rolling it up and dry hitting, she betrayed pine and fuel notes that could come from no other parent but the OG Kush, and the smoke from this flower continues to deliver heavy on the lemon flavor with hints of a gasoline bonfire…

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Strain Review: The Flav from Windy River

Posted on Jan 08, 2018

Immediately after opening the lid to this jar you will be met with a terpene explosion… This fact cannot be overstated. The Flav is an epic olfactory experience that moves through you with wave after wave of nostalgic delight. In our first whiff, we caught the unmistakable aromas of orange zest, peppered with clove and a hint of camphor. We paused for a moment to appreciate the memories of a mulled…

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Strain Review: Dragon from Luv8

Posted on Dec 28, 2017

The first scent of this resin encrusted powerhouse smacks of pine and diesel.  And again with the dry hit more pine with an almost sweet chemical finish. Upon sparking this beast, the smoke will hit you hard due to a generous glaze of resin, and you will know you have entered the dragon’s lair.


These beautiful genetics from Luv8 combine the day glow feel of the White Widow with…

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Strain Review: Heavenly Buds Bubble Bomb

Posted on Dec 21, 2017

After breaking the seal on this lovely flower you will immediately be hit with an aroma not unlike that of your rain sodden dog after a night of chasing skunks through the Douglas Firs. Yet a sweet scent that can only be identified as bubblegum also fills your nostrils.


After rolling it and taking the first dry hit, we could detect hints of Sencha Leaf tea and more of that classic…

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The Facts: Cannabis Oil vs. CBD Hemp Oil

Posted on Dec 11, 2017

Given the widespread proliferation of many companies advertising so-called pure CBD Hemp Oil on the internet these days, we thought we’d help answer some of the questions we’re constantly asked about the differences in these products and their therapeutic potential.  It can be really confusing, as both marijuana and industrial hemp are evolutionary derivations of cannabis.  The science gets technically…

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Strain Review: The Return of the Death Star

Posted on Dec 07, 2017

Upon first opening the bag, you will be met with a strong earthy nose with just a hint of sweetness reminiscent of dried fruits. When we broke apart our first of these sticky buds and dry hit the flower, we were met with a sudden breeze of sweet figs and jet fuel. Minutes after imbibing this rare fruit, we found ourselves relaxed, but talkative, and in a few minutes more we had a vicious case of the munchies.

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Small Buds: Why Are They Cheaper?

Posted on Oct 14, 2017

As cannabis producers across the state continue to look for ways to maximize the return on their harvests and let as little go to waste as possible, the appearance of "small buds" or "popcorn buds" has become more common in the retail marketplace spurred by consumers who are attracted to their perceived, though misleading, value.  We're often asked: why are these buds less expensive than the larger…

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