Strain Review: Magnum P.I. by TreeHawk Farms

Posted on Mar 15, 2018

Right out of the jar this flower hits you with powerful citrus notes reminiscent of orange peel. Upon rolling her up, the dry hit came through like Orange Tic-Tacs with subtle notes of sweetness and fuel. The smoke continues this trend to completion.



TreeHawk has really outdone themselves…

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Ravengrass Farms Premium Pre-rolled Joints

Posted on Mar 01, 2018

Each of these joints is lovingly hand-rolled from Raven’s kief kissed premium flower, many varieties of which come from their famous proprietary strains and blends. These beauties come 3 to a pack and weigh in at .6 grams a piece. With special curing and blending methods, these terpy treats are sure to tear you up in the best way. Packaged in quality UV resistant glass, Raven’s smokes are a fresh…

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