Strain Review: Strawberry Banana by Lazy Bee Gardens

Grown in 2019 by High Times and Dope Cup Award Winner Lazy Bee Gardens, this delicious indica-hybrid will leave you with an enjoyable, clean, flavorful, and aromatic experience.


Upon first contact one can identify aromatic scents like those from old time strawberry bon bon hard candies with notes of kiwi and skunky banana complete with chocolate earthy musky hash undertones.


Breaking down the flower, you'll immediately notice dense and deep fields of trichomes gluing together your fingertips.  There is no shortage of essential oils coating this beautiful lady.  She is the definition of finger-licking good.


After inhaling and exhaling the effects begin with impressive physical relaxtion of the arms and legs as eyelids gain weight.  Euphoric impressions and upfliting cognitive stimulation create a very positive state of mind.  You will get hungry and probably have a very good night's sleep.


Our staff highly recommends picking up some Strawberry Banana by Lazy Bee Gardens!