Strain Review: Sour Patch by North Coast Growers

This beast comes straight out of the package with a full olfactory assault of sweet and sour notes. Roll it up or pack a bowl and you will find that these flavors only intensify in the smoke. This particular cultivar is quite aptly named as it does indeed resemble its namesake in odor and taste.



The high off of this flower is one of robust energy with a mellow body high. She imparts little cognition or paranoia, but otherwise smokes in a class not unlike those of tropical landraces. If you are a fan of energetic highs, but find that you have a distaste for palm sweats and wondering if you left your oven on, then this might just be the flower for you.  Accompanying this smoke to social events, especially those that involve dancing or other physical expressions of self, will likely be a great pairing.



Many props to North Coast for bringing forth such a wonderful smoke with this cut of the Sour Patch. We salute you!