Strain Review: Adak OG by Empyreal Cannabis

The Adak OG comes straight out of the jar with a nutty/earthy scent dressed with a splash of sweetness. These flavors creep into the smoke and upon further ponder you will detect a profile of candied macadamia, pecan, and hazelnut dancing amongst lite hints of allspice.



The Adak is a flower produced betwixt ATF and AK-47, and when puffed, her bud delivers a high with a smattering of each her parents best qualities.  Chief among them are mildly cognitive effects with good social energy, but this smoke also comes with droopy eyelids and a headband. All in all, a great day starter for your weekend, but some of you might find that you get that glassy eyed stare, so beware if you don’t want to look too stoned, because this one might leave you with those, far away, Edibles Will looks after just a few puffs.



We have to say that the Adak OG is a solid delivery from Empyreal Cannabis. Quite an enjoyable experience.