Strain Review: Labrador by Ravengrass

The Labrador, was at first sniff, found to contain more than a hint of the diesel profile from an OG Kush, poured over coffee and chocolate, then drizzled in a veal demi-glace, and finally, set ablaze.  After that first spark, the coffee/chocolate notes transmuted into a flavor not unlike what one might imagine a carob chip and burnt marshmallow s’more would taste like if dutifully prepared by wet a wet dog. I’m going to have to let you ponder on that a moment…



Still with us?

Good, because the high from this particular chemovar of the Lab was excellent. An almost perfect hybrid featuring some of the best body effects of a landrace Kush, with a clear yet creative focus that could only come from the notes of diesel and chem contained within this delightful flower. I would call this puff inspiring and measure it a winning smoke for brainstorming a personal project, going for a hike, or even writing a review for the Labrador.



Ravengrass has really taught this cut of the Labrador how to jump through a hoop or two, and for that, we wish many accolades upon them.