Strain Review: Dog Walker by Doghouse

Straight into cracking the seal of this bag you will be met with a Woody and Skunky scent with a hint of banana. We couldn’t wait to get the roll up on this one, and after a lite grind and a paper, we found that the dry hit came through heavy on the chem flavor, and the woody elements were more properly identified as sandalwood. The smoke had those same notes, but introduced a sour flavor of an almost lactic nature.




The high on this flower is one of a pleasant and well balanced middle ground with warmth around the cheekbones and the joints, but it leaves plenty of room for thought and focus. This is almost a head clearing smoke with few clouds in your mind’s sky. A great Puff for yogic cats and acrobats, you are sure to enjoy this summertime smoke.




A nod of respect and admiration goes to Doghouse Cannabis for this fantastic take on the Dog Walker.