Strain Review: Lemon OG by Puffin Farm

The Lemon OG comes out of the bag with a heavy scent of lemon rinds indicating that it is quite high in limonene goodness. The lemon flavor pushes hard through the dry hit and the smoke. To be entirely honest, we found that this particular cut of the Lemon OG contains more lemon punch that most Lemon Haze cuts we have sampled.



The high is quite relaxing with an emphasis on mental focus that is hard to find in even most limonene heavy Kush hybrids. It cannot be overstated that this is by far the finest Lemon flavor Kush profile we have tasted to date here at Chimacum Cannabis. We found it to be social and relaxing. This flower is a must for fans of a stoney yet focused daytime Kush profile.



Puffin Farm has really knocked it out of the park with their Lemon OG. Come pick some up today!