Strain Review: Skywalker OG by TreeHawk Farms

The cracking of this jar was followed by the scent of mixed berries with earthy undertones, with her dry hit consisting of a berry forward profile with hash on the exhale. The same flavors carry into the smoke with thick hashy exhales. It is a smoke reminiscent of one's neighbor’s berry picking on a late afternoon whilst you nap in the sun.



This puff leaves you with less wind in your sails and sway in your hammock, with more of a calm breeze feeling, your hand lazily resting on the rudder of life. A flower well regarded as a late night smoke, may just surprise you when undertaken as a wake and bake, or a siesta assistant. We found that she is a quality smoke no matter the timing of your imbibe.




TreeHawk Farms has brought forward a true classic with this offering, and she is among the finest of her lineage that we have had the privilege of sampling here at Chimacum Cannabis. We cannot overstate the quality and care that must be taken to bring such a wonderful product to market.



Thank you, TreeHawk for your hard work and dedication to artisanal cannabis cultivation. We look forward to what the future has in store!