Strain Review: Magnum P.I. by TreeHawk Farms

Right out of the jar this flower hits you with powerful citrus notes reminiscent of orange peel. Upon rolling her up, the dry hit came through like Orange Tic-Tacs with subtle notes of sweetness and fuel. The smoke continues this trend to completion.



TreeHawk has really outdone themselves with this unique take on the Magnum PI. Unlike the majority of cuts of this cultivar that we have seen, this particular Magnum turns down on the cognition that this strain is well known for, and turns up a bit on the focus.



This is a perfect smoke for people seeking relief from focus issues, but still in search of good creative energy. This smoke is a must for fans of flavor and fastidiousness. Swing by and pick up some of this delicious best-seller from Treehawk Farms before it’s all gone.