Strain Review: Sour Diesel by Sustainnabis

Just after popping the jar open the scent hits you with the aroma of sour cream backed by fuel notes with just a hint of cheese. The dry hit tastes like a dairy truck crashed into a diesel tanker at your local fueling station and this full flavor comes through in the smoke as well.


The high is one of deep contemplation. Some find diesels to induce paranoia, but we believe that this is a perfect time to exercise a bit of healthy ego loss. A great high for doing some psychic surgery as it is heavy on the cognition. Be sure to have eaten recently and be properly hydrated. Though this is good advice for any occasion, this Sour D especially warrants such measures. If you find yourself in a diesel spiral, try going for a run to get the blood pumping. All in all this is a great smoke for getting back to nature and smelling the proverbial flowers.


We found this take on the Sour Diesel to be a most excellent puff and salute our friends at Sustainnabis for bringing it our way.