Strain Review: Candyland Cookies by Treehawk Farms

Breaking into the bag, the aroma is one of cotton candy and wet rocks, playing into notes of grass pollen with a hint of hops. The dry hit introduced the flavor of hard candies and mild skunk. The smoke itself came through with layers of a sugary sweetness that finished with flavors of fuel, and on the exhale she tastes like a fine mineral water. The high was one of cognitive depth, with decent focus and a mild body feel, and we felt an almost Headband like effect around the eyes and ears.



This smoke is a great choice for those looking for deep thought without the hindrance of stress from contemplating our daily troubles. We would recommend taking a puff or two after the work day if you intend to be active in any hobbies or projects. A great pairing for social discourse or a game night with friends.


Treehawk Farms has consistently impressed us by improving in quality with every crop. This is no easy feat as their product has always been one of an artisanal nature, focusing on small batch methods and maintaining constant care and craft with their plants. Our hats go off to Treehawk for bringing us this delicious take on the Candyland Cookies.