Laughter is Energy - The Return of Laughing Buddha by Ravengrass


This favorite cross of Jamaican and Thai landrace strains smells of mint with a hint of lime, while fruity undertones make up the background. Upon rolling her up we found that mint was quite strong in the dry hit.



The smoke tastes of mojito’s and produces a blissful euphoria while putting a spring in your step. This flower is a must for fans of contemplative walks through nature. We find that the effects pair well with the seemingly mundane tasks of object arrangement or design projects. Smoke this while working in your garden or creating your art. Smoke this while you ponder life’s riddles, or if you’re looking to cleanse the doors of perception. Smoke this and enjoy a conversation with self, or others. Smoke this to cast off the bonds of modern civilization and dance under the skies, and across the oceans. The smiles will follow and you will find that your energy increases with every laugh. It’s really, really good stuff.


A heart felt thank you to Raven from all of us at Chimacum Cannabis. You brought the Buddha back to us and we love you.