Strain of the Week: Diamond OG from Burnwell

This limited edition flower from Burnwell opens right up with the limonene content. One might even be tempted to say that she packs more limonene than a lemon rind. Upon rolling it up and dry hitting, she betrayed pine and fuel notes that could come from no other parent but the OG Kush, and the smoke from this flower continues to deliver heavy on the lemon flavor with hints of a gasoline bonfire playing the background.


The first motions of this high are deceptive compared to the overall experience.  After the initial puff, some of us were inclined to sit down… but only for about 10 minutes. That’s when the limonene kicks in like a mule, and this high becomes a relaxed, but ambitious animal.  This flower provides enough body melt to approach a heavy state of chill, while still maintaining a margin for focus. Before too long, the creative energy comes in like a eureka lightbulb above your head.


The downtempo personality types will probably have a great date with the couch just pondering life’s absurdities, while the more hyphy, creative types will become eagar to engage in their projects.


Hella Heart Emoji’s to Burnwell for this very well balanced and tasty take on the Diamond OG.