Strain Review: The Flav from Windy River

Immediately after opening the lid to this jar you will be met with a terpene explosion… This fact cannot be overstated. The Flav is an epic olfactory experience that moves through you with wave after wave of nostalgic delight. In our first whiff, we caught the unmistakable aromas of orange zest, peppered with clove and a hint of camphor. We paused for a moment to appreciate the memories of a mulled cider or wine beside a roaring fire, before a second sniff took us into a forest of ancient conifers rising up as far as our nose would take us.


Upon rolling this jack of all terps into a smokable form, we move to the dry hit phase of this review. The first unlit taste tickles the tongue with an arsenal of citrus and skunk playing amongst flavors of brie cheese and cracked peppercorns and upon full ignition of this wonderful flower, the cheese came through to its fullest.


The high is a truly hybrid animal with maximum relaxation, but minimum couch-lock. Not to heavy on the munchies or the cognitive depth, this bud comes through with just a little bit of everything and not too much of any.


We found scents,  flavors, and effects crossing the four seasons from first to last in The Flav, and our hats go off in respect to this truly inspiring offering from Windy River.