Strain Review: Heavenly Buds Bubble Bomb

After breaking the seal on this lovely flower you will immediately be hit with an aroma not unlike that of your rain sodden dog after a night of chasing skunks through the Douglas Firs. Yet a sweet scent that can only be identified as bubblegum also fills your nostrils.


After rolling it and taking the first dry hit, we could detect hints of Sencha Leaf tea and more of that classic double bubble goodness, absolutely drenched in skunky overtones.


At about minute three, the high comes in like a full body melt in a bathtub. Not overly sleepy but incredibly relaxing, this smoke strays from cognitive or munchie inducing. All in all, a great after work treat that will leave you glad to be done with the physical rigors of your day.


A respectful nod toward Heavenly Buds for this most relaxing take on the Bubble Bomb.