Strain Review: The Return of the Death Star

Upon first opening the bag, you will be met with a strong earthy nose with just a hint of sweetness reminiscent of dried fruits. When we broke apart our first of these sticky buds and dry hit the flower, we were met with a sudden breeze of sweet figs and jet fuel. Minutes after imbibing this rare fruit, we found ourselves relaxed, but talkative, and in a few minutes more we had a vicious case of the munchies.


This delightful daytime indica is perfect for social enjoyment with friends over dinner and/or a movie, emphasis on the former. You might plan on pairing this flower with a ticket to the new Star Wars and a Jabba sized bag of popcorn. A word of caution though... If you are looking for a bedtime indica profile, you may want to avoid this star system, for that is no moon you are approaching... that's a death star!


A shoutout to our friends over at North Coast Growers for this excellent take on Death Star.