Small Buds: Why Are They Cheaper?

As cannabis producers across the state continue to look for ways to maximize the return on their harvests and let as little go to waste as possible, the appearance of "small buds" or "popcorn buds" has become more common in the retail marketplace spurred by consumers who are attracted to their perceived, though misleading, value.  We're often asked: why are these buds less expensive than the larger sized flowers?  Aren't they the same thing?  Well the answer is more simple than you might think: Nope.  The smaller in volume the cured flowers of cannabis, the lower the total concentration of psychoactive chemicals, regardless of what the official test results may indicate.  Not only are small buds less carefully processed, causing more damage to the all-important glandular capitate trichomes, but also the greater surface area of the small buds maximizes the ease at which volatile and extremely important terpenoids naturally escape into the atmosphere.  This makes it not actually possible to professionally cure and store popcorn buds all that well.  When these chemicals are degraded, the quality (i.e., strength, potency, duration) of the high and taste/aroma of the flowers suffer tremendously making larger quanities required for equal effect and dampening strain-specific felt entourage effects.  With large cured flowers, much of the surface area of the intact capitate glandular trichomes remains protected within the structure of the flower's calyxes preserving effectively the full polypharmacological nature of that particular cannabis chemovar.  So, the answer to the question "why are small buds less expensive" is pretty straight-forward.  They are just a cheaper product.