Our whole team is very proud to offer a carefully curated and diverse cannabis menu with a specific focus on organic and regenerative growing practices.  We lovingly partner with many award-winning farms from across the state to bring you the best cannabis that our region has to offer.


However the expression of chemical varieties of cannabis often varies between harvests, even when coming from the same farm, while inventory stocks of specific harvests come and go fairly quickly.  This is the normal and natural ebb and flow of the craft cannabis market.   Unfortunately it makes online menus integrated with the WSLCB traceability system generally confusing for consumers and patients. 


Knowing it will ultimately offer a higher level of service and better outcomes for our patrons, we have opted to discontinue traceability-automated online menus so we can focus more on humans.


In order to continue our tradition of providing top quality service and cannabis consultations, we recommend contacting our sales associates with any inquiries about product availability.


Call or text anytime!  (360) 301-3195